As a restaurant owner in the Dallas, Texas, area, you know that competition in the hospitality industry is fierce. That’s why it’s critical that you treat your menu as more than just a list of your entree offerings, but rather as a work of art that showcases your culinary creations and tells an engaging story that guests want to be a part of. 

To do this successfully, you need great food (check!), great storytelling (your recipes and ingredients should have some background to give it extra flavor!) and great photography to showcase it. If you don’t have that last one, consider investing in high-quality food photography to help you perfectly capture the quality and character of your delicious offerings. With high-resolution visual assets, you’ll be able to highlight the very best of your Dallas eatery, enticing guests by the masses to choose dining with you over one of the other hundreds of Dallas eateries around you. 

Here are 5 top reasons professional restaurant photography can help you show guests that your entrees are worth their time and money and display the very best of your offerings online and beyond:

1. Your Prospective Guests Are Drawn to Quality Images

Did you know that according to Grubhub, adding professionally taken photos to your listings/website guarantees to boost sales by at least 30%, and any items with photo features on your menu may see 6% greater sales than other items? That’s because food photography is a fantastic marketing tool that can help you persuade prospective Dallas guests with entrees that practically choose them while they’re deciding on where they’re going to eat to satisfy their hunger.

Including high-quality imagery of your entrees in your menus and online is a critical factor in how you uphold and communicate your restaurant’s consistency and high-quality offerings. With a professional food photographer on your side, they’ll use their technique, equipment and industry insights to help you get high-quality imagery your guests will gravitate toward.

2. A Food Photographer’s Expertise Can Make Your Food Look Even More Appetizing

Food photography: A double-burger, a side of ketchup and fries on a blue plate.

Food photographers use a combination of lighting, composition, props, styling, color and textures to capture images that make your offerings look even more delicious than they already are. Here’s how they use their experience in shooting food to enhance any dish’s appearance:

Lighting: Food photographers use lighting to create a specific mood and showcase the best features of the dish. Lighting techniques create a balance between highlights and shadows to make your food look more dimensional and appetizing.

Composition: Food photographers use the rule of thirds to create a more balanced and visually pleasing composition that draws guests’ eyes to the most important part of the image. This works by dividing the image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, creating a grid of nine equal parts, placing the most important elements of the image along these gridlines or at their intersection points.

Props and Styling: This includes tableware, linens and garnishes. Food photographers are trained to create a scene that looks natural and inviting but also highlights the food in the most appealing and persuasive way possible.

Color: Food photographers often complement or contrast a dish’s colors with the props’ colors to create a visually appealing and balanced final product. They’ll also use post-processing editing techniques to adjust the colors of foods to make them look more enticing.

Textures: There are several techniques that food photographers use to create texture in their food images. For example, if they were photographing a steak, they might use a side light to create shadows that help emphasize the grill marks and the texture of the meat. Using techniques like this, a food photographer can easily create images that showcase the parts of an entree you want guests to see most.

3. Quality Photography Can Boost Your Social Presence

In the world of food and beverage, the saying “we eat with our eyes first” has never been more true. Quality food photography can help boost your social presence and make your food or beverage business more appealing to potential customers. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are heavily visual, making the use of high-quality food photography likely to result in a significant impact on your engagement levels.

This is because visual content is more engaging and memorable than text-based content — according to Hootsuite, LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate on average, and tweets that include visual content are three times more likely to get engagement.

Aside from a boost in your organic posts, professional food photography can also help you boost the performance of any paid social media advertisements you may be running. Investing in high-quality food photography equips you with assets you can use to easily create visually compelling images that can lead you to better ad performance and, ultimately, increased revenue.

4. Professional Editing Takes Your Food Images to The Next Level

In addition to lighting, composition, etc., there are technical editing skills that professional photographers have extensive experience with that can kick already-great images up a notch.

Professional food photographers have the skills and tools to edit and retouch your images to ensure they meet your restaurant’s standards. Skilled editors can adjust things like color, brilliance, shadows, vibrance, contrast, saturation and more to make your images pop while also removing any distracting elements and imperfections. 

By partnering with a professional food photographer, these types of post-editing services can take your food photography from good to great so your business can stand out in a highly competitive industry.

5. You’ll Save Time and Effort on Planning and Execution

Food photography: A fancy dish topped with carrots and a beer in the background.

Every restaurant needs images of their dishes, whether it’s to share online, in their menus, in marketing materials or other publications. By collaborating with a food photographer in Dallas, you can trust that they will handle all aspects of the photoshoot, from selecting the props and backgrounds to planning the lighting, composition and more, so you and your team don’t waste time and resources spinning your wheels. Food photographers will also have the necessary equipment and expertise to capture high-quality images that accurately represent your brand, restaurant and dishes, giving your prospective guests insight into what makes your eatery unique.

Additionally, professional food photographers often have experience working with food stylists and chefs, which can help ensure entrees look their very best on camera. By opting for professional photography, you’ll save time and effort while also ensuring that your images are of the highest quality and accurately represent your delectable dishes.

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