What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging services can bring any property to life and create an inviting space for any viewer. CS3 can digitally furnish and add accent décor to any empty room, either from imagery we’ve captured, or existing photos. These services are also much less expensive than traditional staging.

Virtual staging uses graphic software to add furniture and other decor to an otherwise empty room. This software can add a homey touch to a bare room and help genuinely bring it to life. It can also enhance rooms that are already furnished without risking any scrapes or mishaps that could come with moving staging furniture in and out of a property. The result is an image that allows viewers to see what a space could look like with furniture and decor. Using virtual staging services can help attract viewers online and show them a room or property’s potential. For a relatively low cost, you can kickstart your marketing and engage any online visitor!

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Best Industries for Custom Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is usually associated with multi-family housing. And while it can be an excellent way to show a property online when it can’t be traditionally staged, there are other uses for virtual staging. By staging your property, any visitor can envision what a room or entire property could look like. Beyond just residential real estate, you can use virtual staging for many different purposes. Here are just some of the uses for virtual staging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about custom virtual staging services?

When it comes to working with a company for virtual staging, having the answers to your important questions is essential to making the most informed decision possible. Browse these Q&As to learn more.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    Please use the online ordering form at the bottom of this page for pricing information.

  • Q: Are there different design styles?

    Yes, our software has a large variety of design styles ranging from contemporary to rustic, as well as modern and minimalism. When placing your order with us, you can select the style that best suits the property.

  • Q: Will I be able to select individual pieces of furniture?

    Due to the large amount of pieces, we do not offer an option for you to review and select each item. Our team will use their best judgement to decorate the space.

  • Q: What if I don’t like a certain item or look of the image after it’s staged?

    Every virtually staged photo includes 1 round of edits and although you can’t select individual pieces, you can say what you do and do not like from our designer’s selections. Please keep in mind the point of virtual staging is to fill the room, it’s not an interior designing platform.

  • Q: How long does it take?

    Please allow 1-3 business days for each photo rendering.

  • Q: Can I submit my own photos?

    Yes, as long as they meet the following criteria: Angles must be straight, not tilted up or down and the camera height must be approximately 5-6’ above floor level.

  • Q: Can a video or virtual tour be virtually staged?

    At this time, CS3 only offers virtual staging of still photography.

  • Q: How do I submit photos?

    Please fill out the virtual staging submission form to get started. There’s an upload feature where you can add the images. If an image doesn’t meet the criteria needed to virtually stage, we’ll reach out to you via email.

Customers who book more than one service for a shoot can see savings of up to 25% off

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Looking to book an additional CS3 service outside of virtual staging? Choose from Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, Google Street View Tours and Aerial Photography as well.

Looking to book an additional CS3 service outside of virtual staging? Choose from Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, Google Street View Tours and Aerial Photography as well.
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