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At CS3 Photography, we offer a wide variety of photography and videography services that you can count on whenever you need high-quality visual assets.

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Ideal for restaurants, hospitality, retail, multi-family housing, insurance, large venues/landscapes and more. View our portfolio here.

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Ideal for restaurants, multi-family housing, large venues/landscapes, events, hotels/resorts, real estate, business/brands and more.

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Customized Virtual Tours

Ideal for restaurants, hospitality, retail, multi-family housing, arts/culture, large venues/landscapes and more. These tours can feature menus, hotspots and overlays.

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Google Street View Virtual Tours

Ideal for restaurants, hospitality, retail, multi-family housing, arts/culture, large venues/landscapes and more. These tours live directly on the Google Listing of the business.

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Aerial Photography

Ideal for property management, promo materials, construction progress, campus mapping, insurance claims, venues/landscapes and more.

Corporate Headshots & Events

Ideal for business meetings, conferences, trade shows, product launches and more. View some of our examples here.

Who We Serve

Say goodbye to the hassle of booking multiple photo and video vendors in different states and hello to the convenience of letting your new one-stop-shop partner handle it all for you. Easily book any of our services in any location you may need within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe.


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Before CS3 Photography was the leader in nationwide photography services, our firm consisted of one man, Chris Sardinas, freelancing 3D models out of his dorm room. Chris would also make many contributions to Google Earth by creating 3D models of buildings, landmarks, and in some cases entire cities.



Although CS3 was not officially incorporated yet, the name was used as a blending of the founder’s name and the 3D design work produced. At the time, Chris' clients ranged from small architectural firms to small local businesses throughout the southeastern U.S. It was during this time that Chris' relationship with the Google Maps team expanded and would later prove to be the jump start CS3 needed to get off the ground.


Google Trusted

In 2012, Google partnered with CS3 to become the first Google Trusted Agency in the United States. This was the start of our growth, where the company could hire employees and contractors for the first time. CS3 began providing virtual tours and professional photography to clients throughout Florida, then later expanding to neighboring states. It wasn't long until CS3 had photographed in every state and even a couple other countries. This was the first time we began using the phrase 'nationwide photography'.


Steady Growth

In 2016, CS3 became one of the largest nationwide photography providers in the U.S. after completing the single-largest Google Street View project of more than 5,000 locations for a single client. This project helped establish CS3 as a dominant force in the corporate photography industry as well as proving our capabilities to deliver a project of that scale on-time and under budget.


Name Change

To better represent our brand and to reflect the shift away from 3D modeling and web development, our name officially changed from CS3Design to CS3 Photography in 2018. By this time it had already been years since 3D modeling was a part of the focus of CS3 as nationwide photography and virtual tours became our primary focus.


Uncertain Times

Through innovation and resilience, we not only maintained our business operations at a limited capacity, but also fostered stronger connections with our clients, ensuring memorable and safe experiences during uncertain times.



Beginning in late 2023, CS3 expanded our photographer network to Asia, South America, and Africa. As of Q1 2024, CS3 photographs in over 20 countries providing high-end resort photos and virtual tours. Additionally, after 7 years in our Winter Park office, CS3 moved and doubled our space in anticipation of further growth.








Omni Nashville Hotel Common Area

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the process for booking a photo shoot with CS3 Photography?

    Booking a shoot with CS3 Photography is easy. In just four simple steps, you can get your photoshoot on the books. Here’s how it works: 

    • Step 1: Request a Quote
    • Step 2: Discuss Your Needs
    • Step 3: Schedule a Shoot
    • Step 4: Receive Your Assets
  • Q: I need to book CS3 for multiple shoots in different states at the same time. Is this possible?

    Yes! When you book a shoot with CS3, you get access to our nationwide network of professional photographers and videographers, making it easier than ever to book shoots for all your locations.

  • Q: Can clients request specific shots/shot lists?

    Yes! If you have specifics in mind for the vision of your final assets, let us know! We will work with you to make your vision a reality!

  • Q: Does CS3 Photography offer any retouching or post-production services?

    Yes! We offer post-production editing that can include: 

    • Framing
    • Brightening 
    • Enhancing 
    • Blemish removal 
    • Quality assurance 
    • Effects/elements
    • Music
    • Transitions
    • B-roll cuts
    • And more!
  • Q: What is the turnaround time for receiving final photos, and how are they delivered to clients?

    Typically, our clients receive their assets in about one week or less from the time their shoot is complete. Assets are delivered to clients via downloadable access, so you can get to using them immediately!

  • Q: I want to book more than one service. Do you offer customized package deals?

    Our package deals can vary depending on the number of services you book, the number of locations you book and more. When you request a quote, let us know your needs and we’ll work with you to create a package deal that best suits your project(s).

Client Testimonials

“They successfully managed, photographed and delivered our multi brand, nationwide photography refresh that required them to photograph over 3,000 hotel propoerties with both still images and virtual tours”

– Erin McDonald

Digital Content Producer, Choice Hotels

“We truly love working with the entire CS3 team . From the flexibility in Scheduling to the flawless delivery of our resorts images it was truly a pleasure to work with CS3. We would highly recommend them for all projects no matter how big or small”

– Ryan Galbraith

Revenue Manager, Bluegreen Vacations

Dax and his team have been incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with! I couldn't recommend them more!

- Savanna Callahan

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Primrose Schools

Chris and the team at CS3 were excellent to work with! True professionals with incredible customer service. We are really happy with how the photography and tour has turned out. Highly recommend!

- Kelly Groh

Creative Content Specialist, Bishop Strachan School

CS3 Photography has delivered time and time again! Whether it was a grand opening of a new store or to update old photos, we never had to worry about quality. Worked with a few other photography businesses before and CS3 Photography were the best hands down!

- Esteban Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Coordinator, 4 Wheel Parts Automotive

I have been using CS3's services for a couple years now for my portfolio of residential communities. I always get quick responsiveness, several options for dates in the near future, and great finished product.

Todd Stecker

Directory of Leasing & Marketing, Ingerman

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Customers who book more than one CS3 service for a shoot can see savings of up to 25% off

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Choose from the following services: Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, Google Street View Tours, Aerial Photography and Virtual Staging and more.
Choose from the following services: Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours, Google Street View Tours, Aerial Photography and Virtual Staging and more.
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