What Is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is a service provided by professional photographers that involves taking high-quality photographs from an aircraft, drone or other flying device. There are many types of platforms for aerial photography, which include fixed-wing aircrafts, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), blimps, parachutes, vehicle-mounted poles and more.

Photography can be taken manually or triggered remotely, depending on the platform. Photographs can be oblique (taken at an angle), vertical (taken straight down), or a combination of the two.

Aerial photography is commonly used to capture magazine-quality photos of properties, events, locations or other large-coverage areas to showcase them from a more holistic view. Businesses that offer a premium location, a large venue, multiple outdoor amenities or other similar features as major selling points often utilize aerial photography to help prospective customers visualize the full value of their services or offerings.

Aerial Photography View of Apartment Building During Sunset

Best Uses for Aerial Photography

When it comes to aerial photography, there are many businesses across multiple industries that can benefit from this service. Ideally, if your business has large property, multiple locations, an outdoor venue or just great background scenery, aerial photography can be a great way to showcase it all for your prospective customers  from a bird’s-eye view.

Whether your business has new construction in progress or your university has a newly updated campus, you want to capture your space in high resolution from above for the world to see. Here are some of the most common ways businesses use aerial photography to do this:

Aerial Photography View of Apartment Building During Sunset

What to Look For in a Photography Company

Depending on the photography company, aerial photography can include various deliverables, but many will work with businesses to understand their objectives and capture images that meet and exceed their goals.

At CS3, we believe there are a few key items to look for when choosing a professional photography company for your upcoming aerial photography shoot. From their level of experience to the amount of included flight time, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind before making a final selection. Here are our recommendations for what to look for:

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One of the first things to look for in an aerial photography company is internal organization. Your selected photography team should provide you with everything needed to prepare for the upcoming photoshoot in order to maximize your team’s time away from daily operations.

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Nationwide Coverage

Another thing to consider when hiring an aerial photographer is their coverage and whether or not your location(s) work within their boundaries. Some companies require flying a photographer out to your property because they are central to one location. With companies like CS3, customers can get coverage across all 50 states and Canada, as each has local photographers. This ensures you never have to worry about any extra travel charges for photographers.

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Your aerial photography company of choice should have the experience needed for great results. At CS3, our vast network of professional photographers and long-standing partnership with Google have helped us become one of the largest and most experienced nationwide photography companies in North America.

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High-Resolution Images

Whether it’s on a website, in a brochure or any other platform, your business should be on display in high resolution. That means your hired photography company should be able to produce high-quality imagery that highlights your location at its best from high above. Browse through the company’s portfolio of work or recent case studies to see how their results compare to what you’re looking for.

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FAA-Certified Pilots

Certification is important when it comes to aerial photography. When browsing options, you want to ensure the team you select is all certified. At CS3, all our professional photographers are certified drone pilots with the FAA, understanding all operating requirements and safety procedures.

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Significant Flight Time

Another thing to consider is how much flight time is included for your aerial photographers to get the perfect shots. Our aerial photography (or videography) services include up to an hour of on-site flight time. We’ll work to schedule your flight as soon as possible so you can begin marketing your property from a totally new perspective.

Aerial Photography View of Hotel on the Beach

How to Get Started

Getting started with your aerial photography project can be easy with the right partner. The first step is mapping out your business’s goals for the photoshoot and what results you expect to see in the finished products. 

From there, find the company that offers what you’re looking for. You should then be able to reach out and request a quote from them to see if their pricing works within your budget.

If it’s a good fit, you can then schedule your photoshoot and start getting the necessary preparations done in advance. 

CS3 offers a nationwide network of aerial photographers who are ready to help showcase your business and its surrounding area. Request a quote to get started with our professional aerial photography services today.

Aerial Photography View of Hotel on the Beach

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Ready to get started? Submit this form to tell us more about your project or ask a question and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.
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