Nationwide Photography

CS3 Photography services by our professional commercial photographers are available for businesses in many different industries and throughout the U.S. and 20+ countries.

Our professional photography services are highly sought after for various industries, including hospitality, retail, showrooms, apartment communities, restaurants and more.

Unlike other professional photography companies, CS3 also offers services abroad, covering 20+ countries worldwide. With CS3, customers can enjoy seamless coverage without additional travel charges or expenses. Many local photography companies may require additional fees to cover travel expenses, limiting their availability to smaller businesses with fewer locations.

Photography companies like CS3 have the extensive resources necessary to handle projects of any size, whether you need assets for a single pizza parlor or 5,000 hotels. Trust CS3 for all your photography needs, whether you need coverage in the United States or abroad.

Elevate Your Photos

Expert editing included in every package.

Exposure Blending

Exposure blending combines multiple shots at different exposures to create a perfectly lit image. It’s ideal for tricky lighting, ensuring your photos look vibrant and true to life.

Lens + Color Correction

Lens and color correction fine-tune colors and correct lens distortions to ensure your images reflect the beauty of your spaces, making them inviting and visually appealing.

Distraction + Blemish Removal

We expertly remove distractions and blemishes, ensuring your photos are focused, clean and professional, highlighting the best aspects of your properties or products.

Sky Replacement

With sky replacement, we replace dull or overcast skies with vibrant and appealing backdrops, ensuring your outdoor shots are always captivating and attract attention.

Much, much more!

At CS3, we understand that every photo is unique. Our editing team uses a range of techniques to enhance image quality and deliver exceptional results, tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of your project.


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Custom Photography Solutions for Your Industry

Professional photography is essential across all industries, whether for websites, marketing materials or other visual needs. These assets distinguish your brand, build customer trust, provide crucial visuals and more. Partnering with CS3 Photography ensures high-quality digital assets that effectively capture the essence of your offerings, helping you attract more customers and drive new revenue.

Here are some of the most common industries we serve that utilize professional nationwide photography to showcase their services, products, properties and more in vivid detail:


When your restaurant’s dishes look too good to eat when plated or your dining room got a new makeover, you need high-quality, professional photography to showcase it all to your guests. At CS3, all of our photos go through a meticulous post-production process to make sure your eatery is always shown in its best light.

Modern Restaurant Bar


When your hotels have state-of-the-art amenities, upscale rooms, welcoming lobbies and more, it’s essential to showcase them visually for your potential guests. CS3 Photography is one of the leading providers of hospitality photography and videography in North America, having served more than 10,000 hotels, from economy scale to high-end resorts.

Hotel room with an exposed-brick wall and large open windows. Hotel photography.


In retail, your products are the lifeline of your business — why not feature them front and center of your website, brochures or other marketing materials? CS3 provides professional photography and videography services to a variety of major retailers with a worldwide footprint, as well as some of the largest kitchen, bath and flooring showrooms in the U.S.

Interior of Rustic, Country-Style Retail Store

Multi-Family Housing

When your apartment community offers beautiful open floorplans, resort-style amenities and other competitive features for residents, showcasing it all online isn’t an option — it’s a must. CS3 is the photography vendor for some of the largest multi-family management companies in the U.S., as well as some of the largest commercial real estate investment firms in the world.

Senior Living

When your senior living community offers comfortable living spaces, wellness-focused amenities and exceptional care services, showcasing these online is crucial for attracting seniors searching for their ideal home. CS3 is trusted by hundreds of senior living communities across the U.S. — let us help you spotlight your community's unique senior living experience, making it irresistible to those seeking the perfect place to call home.

Closeup of Outdoor Fountain at Senior Community on Sunny Day

Dental & Medical

Show off your state-of-the-art dental or medical facility with stunning imagery. At CS3 Photography, we're well-versed in HIPAA compliance, ensuring the safeguarding of your clients' privacy. Trusted by many, we can help you attract more clients and patients with engaging visuals that resonate.

Upscale Dental Office with City Views

What to Look For in a Photography Company

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for photography. Every company has unique needs. Some businesses need to capture mostly exterior images while others need to focus mostly on interior photos. Depending on the photography company, professional photography can include a variety of deliverables and most will work with businesses to understand their objectives and capture images that meet and exceed their specific goals.

There are, however, a few standard things to look for when selecting a professional photography company for your upcoming photoshoot. From their level of experience to their post-production turnaround time, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind before making a final selection. Here are our recommendations for what to look for:

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Flat-Rate Pricing

CS3 Photography offers flat-rate pricing in all 50 states. Nationwide flat-rate pricing means that your business in Miami, Florida will be the same price as your business in Bozeman, Montana. We never charge extra for travel as our photographers are all local. CS3 also never charges recurring fees, only a one-time cost for each shoot we perform.

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Widespan Coverage

Another thing to consider when hiring a professional photography company is their coverage and whether or not they serve your area. Some companies have less range and may require a photographer or multiple photographers to be flown out to your property. With companies like CS3, customers are covered across all 50 states and in 20+ countries worldwide, as each location has local photographers ready and available.

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Any professional photography company you’re considering should have the experience needed to produce great results. At CS3, our vast network of professional photographers and long-standing partnership with Google have helped us become one of the largest and most experienced nationwide photography companies in the world. We have over 4 billion views on Google Maps and have photographed over 40,000 businesses in over 20 countries.

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One of the first things to look for in a professional photography company is internal organization. Your selected photography team should provide you with everything needed to prepare for your upcoming photoshoot in order to maximize your team’s time away from daily operations. In 2017, CS3 created a proprietary scheduling platform called Smartbook to help easily and efficiently schedule multiple photoshoots around the country at the same time.

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High-Resolution Photos

No matter if your photos are going to be used for your website, in a physical brochure or on large signage outdoors, your business should be on display in high resolution. That means your hired photography company should produce high-quality imagery that highlights the best of what your company has to offer.

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Quick Turnarounds

Most professional photographers understand that businesses might have tight deadlines that require fast turnarounds. CS3 Photography ensures photos are always delivered as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Turnaround times can vary depending on the project, but in most cases, we can have your imagery to you in about a week or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our nationwide professional photography services? 

When it comes to investing in a company for your professional photography needs, having the answers to your important questions is essential to making the most informed decision possible. Browse these Q&As to learn more.

  • Q: Who are the photographers?

    CS3 has a network of thousands of photographers and photography partners. The CS3 photographers are all local, so the most they ever need to travel is an hour or two. This helps us with lower costs that we can pass along to our clients. Since CS3 has nationwide photography coverage, our team can easily come to you and your business, so you’ll feel secure knowing you’ve got the backing of a large nationwide photography agency, while still supporting a local photographer. If you’re interested in our aerial photography services, all of our pilots are Part 107 certified and all adhere to the latest FAA safety protocols.

  • Q: Who edits the photos?

    All of our photographers send CS3 the unedited imagery and our in-house team of photo editors work on the post production. This ensures that no matter where the location was photographed, the images will come out looking consistent every time. We’ll work with the photography guidelines you provide so not only will the photos look good, they’ll match your brand standards.

  • Q: How long does the photography process generally take?

    Depending on the photography company, professional services may be structured in various ways. Therefore, the length of time may be dependent on how their business is set up, but most shoots last about 2 hours. At CS3 Photography, we believe your time is best spent running your business, not working all day with a photographer. That’s why our goal is to use less time on-site and more time in post-production. Once we’ve completed our shoot, our team’s post-production is fast and unmatched, letting you focus on managing your business while we touch up your images without taking up too much of your time on-site.

  • Q: How should I prepare my property for a shoot?

    Preparing your property is an essential step toward achieving your property’s picture-perfect look. Depending on your specific professional photography needs, you may need to inspect your property from top to bottom. For those seeking photography captured at the highest altitudes, it’s important to clean and repair everything necessary on your property’s exterior, including your roofs (look for damage or discoloration), walls (look for chipping paint, graffiti or cracked windows), pavement (look for cracks or potholes), gardens/landscaping (look for unkempt grass or messy flowerbeds), etc. You may also need to do some day-of preparations in order to reduce the amount of time inconvenienced for guests or employees, as well as to optimize the degree of cleanliness. These preparations may include removing items like temporary/seasonal signage, parked vehicles, maintenance equipment or anything else that could be a distraction from your property in your photography.

    If your property has any imperfections you’re unable to fix prior to the photo shoot, many companies offer services to edit them out, depending on certain factors. Contact CS3 to learn more about our editing services and how you can prepare for your upcoming photoshoot.

  • Q: How much does CS3 Photography services cost?

    Some photography companies charge based on distance, flight time (for aerial photography) or other variables. At CS3, it doesn’t matter where your locations are — we offer flat-rate pricing on all photography packages so there’s no negotiating based on area. Learn more about specific pricing based on your needs by requesting a quote today.

  • Q: What type of weather is best for this kind of outdoor photoshoot?

    When it comes to outdoor photoshoots, weather can play an important role in the overall quality of your photos. Although it’s not always possible to schedule photoshoots on days with ideal weather conditions, it’s important to know that many photographers prefer partly cloudy weather over highly sunny weather because there isn’t an abundance of sunlight that overexposes the images. If it’s at all possible, try to schedule your photoshoot on a day that could be slightly cloudy. Or, if you’re looking for images with a nice warm glow, try to schedule your photoshoot during “the golden hour” (the first hour before sunset or the first hour after sunrise). 

  • Q: What is the typical turnaround time for getting my professional photography assets?

    Businesses tend to run on a tight schedule, so the sooner you can get your photos, the better! At CS3, our team is committed to providing your photos quickly and in most cases you’ll receive your imagery within a week of the shoot. There may be some instances that require additional services, which could extend the delivery slightly.

How to Get Started

Getting started with your professional photography project can be easy with the right partner. The first step to take is to identify your business’s goals for the photoshoot and what overall look you expect to see in the finished products. 

From there, you’ll want to find the photography company that best meets your needs. You should be able to easily reach out and request a quote from them to see if their pricing works within your budget.

If it’s a good fit, you can then schedule your photoshoot and start getting your necessary preparations completed in advance. 

At CS3 Photography, we offer a wide network of photographers available nationwide and in 20+ countries who are always ready to showcase your business and its surrounding area in the best light possible. Request a quote to see if our professional nationwide photography services are right for your needs today.

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Customers who book more than one service for a shoot can see savings of up to 25% off

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Looking to book an additional CS3 service outside of professional photography? Choose from Videography, Virtual Staging, Google Street View Tours, Aerial Photography and Virtual Tours as well. Submit this form to tell us more about your project or ask a question and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.
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