Branching Out

Combining Photography with Topiary

Tired of hiring both landscapers and photographers? CSTree is here to help simplify your life. Our photographers will visit your property shears in hand ready to re-leaf you of your worries. Most of our photo-shear sessions are fast and non-invasive and your creative input is always suggested to get the best results from our designers.

Meet Our Designers

Our Photo-Topiary Senior Designers (PTSDs) are located in all 50 states so there’s never a gap in our services. Our designers will work with you and your team to design the best hedges and landscapes and then photograph them for you. You won’t beleaf your eyes when you see what our team of experts can do.

What people are saying

So happy with this new service. CSTree is my one stop shop in finding a landscaper who's also a photographer.

Larry Knowles

Mall Kiosk Worker

I haven't been home in about a year, but when I get out I'll certainly be hiring CSTree to photograph my hedges.

Ikamita Treezun

Capitol Rioter

I have never been able to get good photographs of my topiaries. Usually by the time my landscaper leaves and the photographer shows up everything looks dead. Those days are finally over!

Jeffery Johnson

Hedge Fund Manager

I hired CSTree to spruce up my property landscaping and take photos for Zillow. I couldn't be more disappointed because it seemed like the photographer had no idea what he was doing. Will not be using again, what a joke.

Hannah Smith

House Flipper