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Photographing your business couldn’t be easier! Bring your hotel, restaurant or funeral home to our retail showroom in the mall and one of our professional photographers will capture your space in our well lit studio.

Our retail store is a dual purpose space with a gallery on one side, where you can purchase prints from our portfolio, as well as a fully built-out studio where we will capture your business in its best light!

We have limited space, so appointments are required for photoshoots, but walk-ins are welcome to browse and purchase from our gallery!

what's in store?

Explore our gallery or bring your own business (BYOB)

Tired of having our photographers coming to your business? Well good, you can bring your business to us!

CS3 is making it easier to photograph your space by opening a retail store near you! Bring your hotel, restaurant, or store to us and we’ll photograph it for you in our new boutique concept store. We’re opening our first store in Pine Hills, Florida where you can purchase prints or have us photograph your business.

What people are saying

After visiting the gallery, I just had to purchase 3 prints of an Econo Lodge in Bemidji, Minnesota! Once framed, they'll look great in our dining room!

Lillith Chambers

ITT Tech Counselor

It was easier than pie to bring my bakery to the CS3 store. I brought all of our tables, chairs, walls and kitchen appliances to recreate my space in their new studio and the photos turned out great! Can't wait to give the owner a firm handshake.

Paul John Hollywood

Celebrity Chef

I own a bank outside of San Francisco, and it was truly a breeze to pack up everything and ship it across country to the CS3 Retail Store in Florida. It took a few months and I've been living out of a hotel here in Pine Hills, but we were able to get all of our photos and they look great! I hope I didn't miss anything back on the West Coast...

Greg Becker

Silicon Valley Bank Founder

As a graduate of both MIT and the University of Oxford, I have got to say this place is amazing! During my time on Wall Street I always had photographers coming to my firm to photograph our space, but with the new CS3 Retail Store, I could have just brought the firm to them! As my father (who fought in WWII and Kosovo) once said... Georgie Boy... do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

George Santos

Congressman, Author, Astronaut, & Belly Dancer

I'm not sure how there are reviews of this place, the store isn't even open yet...

Idin Undurstan

Hotel Owner