Lights Out

When The Sun Goes Down, We Show Up

Most photoshoots happen during the day, disrupting your routine and causing anguish to your customers.

Starting in Q2 2024, CS3 is launching a brand new photography service called ‘CS3 NIGHT VISION‘.

Our photographers will arrive in the dead of night, and photograph your business without you or any of your customers being disturbed.

Introducing Thermal Vision

You can add-on our new ‘Thermal Vision’ photography to any CS3 Night Vision package. Thermal Vision Photography is great for capturing unique headshots, drone views and more!


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Food & Drink

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why is this service offered?

    We have found that photographing during the day can cause disruptions to the daily routines of the staff, management, as well as the guests or customers. Shooting at night and using CS3 NIGHT VISION causes no disruptions whatsoever.

  • Q: Our store has an alarm system, how will the photographer bypass that?

    Our photographers use a number of methods to enter your property throughout the night, so we recommend disabling your alarm prior to the night of the shoot.

  • Q: My restaurant is very colorful, how will that show up through night vision?

    It won’t!

  • Q: What happens if the photographer causes damage while entering the property?

    That damage was likely already there, please do not accuse our photographers of damaging anything.

  • Q: I run a 24 hour business, how will this service work for us?

    Our photographers will arrive at the 25th hour mark to ensure minimal disruption.

What people are saying

I was skeptical at first, but we hired CS3 to do their night vision shoot at our restaurant. When we arrived the next day, besides a few broken dishes and a broken window, we were able to carry on with our day undisturbed. Can't wait to see the photos!

Sabrina Alvarez

Restaurant Owner

My wife and I partnered with CS3 to take night vision photos of our house. Not having to worry about when the photographer showed up was a dream come true. They just showed up after we went to bed, and the photos came out great! Our house sold shortly after, thanks CS3 NIGHT VISION!

Andy Paxton


I'm actually one of the approved night vision photographers and I'm still stuck in Iran... There is no embassy over here so I don't know how to get home. Hoping CS3 sees this message.

Ivan Grant Jr.


Our photoshoot happened during the day, so all of our photos were just white images. I do not recommend this service.

Brittany Damico

Shipt Shopper