Primrose Schools Photography Guidelines

Congratulations on being selected as a photographer to participate in the Primrose Schools Photography program, through CS3 Photography. Please adhere to the guidelines on this page.

Legal note: All information on this page is strictly confidential and you are prohibited from printing or sharing any content on this page without the written consent from CS3 Photography. You may not disclose any of this information to anyone else and you may not use the imagery in a portfolio setting (even undedited imagery) All activity on this page is monitored and recorded. Your active involvement in this photography project indicates your agreement.

Special Note: All of these shoots require special attention to the childrens’ privacy. Take extra precaution to ensure you’re not capturing anyone’s faces in pictures, cubbies or desks. When doing the Google tour, do not take panos in the hallways. See pano guidelines below for more details.
Please contact the property 24 hours prior for a reminder. If you encounter issues onsite, see phone number below.

Still Guidelines

  • Minimum of 30 Photos
  • No people can be in the shots
  • Photos must be general room layout shots. DO NOT SHOOT ANY UP CLOSE OR FANCY SHOTS
  • Each school has different rooms, ie: Toddlers, Infants, Early Explorers, etc. Make sure one of each room type is captured. The rooms will be marked with a sticky note on the door prior to your arrival.
  • No hallways are to be photographed with either photos or panoramas with the exception of the front entrance/lobby/waiting area.

    You must also take photos of all playground areas!

  • Front exterior: We need a wide angle shot showing as much of the building as possible. Take a few different angles like normal, but be sure to have at least one angle be further back showing both ends of the building. If need be, take a few side to side and CS3 will stitch the images to make it work. Example
  • The blinds in the room should be mostly closed, but slightly cracked to allow some light in.
  • POIs must be shot in RAW (.cr2 or .nef) only
  • Do not shoot with a flash
  • Photos must be bracketed
  • Images must be crisp. No soft focus or grainy pictures will be accepted
    • We recommend that you shoot in Aperture Priority.
    • The aperture should be anywhere between f/9 – f/12.
    • Your ISO shouldn’t be higher than 400. The higher your ISO, the more grain you will have in the images
    • Use tripod with a timer to avoid motion blur
    • Be sure to check your photos while shooting. If you need to adjust your exposure, use exposure compensation. This will make sure that only your shutter speed is changing instead of your aperture or ISO
  • Your lens must be spot and dust free
  • No vertical or portrait shots will be accepted, only landscape will be used
  • Bracketing with settings similar to +2 -2 are required
  • Post production or touching up prior to sending CS3 Photography the photos is prohibited. We have to keep a consistent look among all properties. CS3 Photography will do all post-production
  • If using a wide angle lens, make sure there is no distortion on the sides
  • Don’t cut off any logos
  • Photographs must not experience Convergence. This can be achieved by taking angles that are straight on, not angled up or down.
  • You may not use any photos (whether you have sent them to us or not) in any portfolio setting.
  • If upon arriving at a property and you encounter ANY issues, take the following action:
    Call the Primrose contact, Theavy Patrick at 404.709.7656.

Pano Guidelines

  • Do not shoot any hallways except for the front entrance lobby area. All of the rooms will be treated as separate floors for security reasons. The classrooms you’ll be photographing will have a sticky note on the door. Get with management for a complete list. You must also do panos in the playground(s)
  • No people in the panos and especially no children’s faces
  • Your lens must be spot and dust free
  • You must connect the exterior entrance to the interior of the school. The door must be closed on the 10′ exterior but should be open for the 4′ exterior and 4′ interior. Please do a panorama further out from the building to get a panorama view of the entire front and parking lot.
  • Standard Google Business View camera settings for panos (Only JPEG accepted)
    • Panos must be divisible by 12 upon uploading to our server
      • Old school Standard Google Business View settings for panos
      • JPG
      • Divisible by 12
      • 3 fisheye images bracketed with 4 angles totaling 12 per spin
    • Do not cut through any displays, furniture or walls
    • Do not cut through closed doors (even if glass doors)
    • Do not shoot panos up and down, only do the normal 90-degree increments (our software will remove the tripod)
    • Your panos must be level – no crooked panos will be accepted.
    • Panos must be of DSLR quality (no instant 360 cameras will be accepted)
Image Image Image Image Image

Shoot Day

  • Please represent yourself as CS3 Photography
  • Please do not solicit the business or any staff/management present or associated with the property, including Primrose Schools, Roark Capital Group, or any of its subsidiaries or partner companies.
  • Do not attempt to collect payment from the individual property
  • If upon arriving at a property and they are either unprepared, unaware of the shoot, or something is being remodeled or under construction, take the following actions only:
    Call our office at 407-636-7053 or email us at if the shoot is before/after normal business hours.
    • The photographer shall not depart the property until after conferring with CS3.
    • If there are any issues while onsite such as remodeling, signage out, or anything out of the ordinary, you must inform CS3 via a note submitted with the photos via FTP. You can submit a word doc or a notepad doc with simple notes to correspond with your shoot. This is only required if any anomalies occurred while onsite.
  • It is the photographer’s responsibility to check the weather prior to leaving. If it looks like rain, storms, heavy fog or snow, please contact CS3 immediately to reschedule before heading out. Overcast skies are acceptable. The photographer will be reimbursed for long distance travel if a surprise weather occurrence happens on site.

Sending the Photos

  • FTP is the method of photo transfers (Google+ and dropbox type sites are not accepted). FTP credentials will be provided via email
  • Upload to the Primrose folder
  • Title the folder “Primrose [location]”
    • We have many locations from around the country coming in so don’t just label it “Primrose”. Be specific.
    • In that folder please split up the folders via pictures and panos (if applicable).
  • Download Filezilla here
  • You are required to send us the photos within 3 days of shooting the property. After 3 days you run the risk of forfeiting this property, as we will send out a replacement photographer


  • You must invoice us at
    • If sent to any other email, your invoice will not be processed
    • USA: You must submit a completed W9 for invoices to be processed
    • Can: You must submit a completed W-8Ben for invoices to be processed
  • All traveling and expenses will be agreed upon prior to services being rendered, and will be incorporated into the price labeled on the calendar event invite
  • You must invoice us within 90 days of the shoot
  • You must invoice us within the same calendar year as the shoot – If you submit an invoice in 2019 for a shoot in 2018, it will not be paid.
  • CS3 Photography is not required to pay sales or service tax on the electronic submission of photographs
  • All invoicing emails not sent to will be ignored
  • If a reshoot is required due to a mistake by the photographer, the photographer will reshoot the property at no additional cost to CS3 Photography. Payment may be held until reshoot has been completed.
  • If a reshoot is required due to a mistake by CS3 or the property, the photographer will reshoot the property at the cost of CS3 Photography